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[METHOD] New Way to Create and Promote Dropship Business

Business Idea: Dropshipping Profit: $2,000 - $30,000 per month
Want to earn 6-7 figures a year? Why not try dropshipping! They are already hundreds and thousands of successful dropship entrepreneurs earning millions a year. And most of these entrepreneurs ordered products from AliExpress and sold it double at their online shop.

Did you know that most of the AliExpress/Alibaba items are sold on Amazon and eBay, and not only those that are delivered from China? AliExpress is the retail arm of Alibaba, the wholesaler. I've been looking at reviews and sales numbers for AliExpress items on eBay and Amazon to give me a superior thought of what sells best in USA and UK.

I've discovered that there is a considerable amount of low-quality items on Aliexpress and that you must be watchful who you purchase from. But I listed down some reliable sellers and items worth selling. A high rate of positive reviews doesn't really mean a lot – it's normal for sellers to give rebates or di…

4 Ways to Make Extra $100 on Social Media

What if I offered you an extra $100 today, would you take it? I know I would. Extra money definitely comes in handy.

Many individuals concentrate on saving money, yet expanding it is the opposite side of that coin. You can use your skills, your social media on your spare time to make few extra cash today.

Social Media 1. Sell Photos Do you have many followers on Instagram? try selling some of your photos. Stock photo sites hire photographers, professionals, and amateurs alike.
2. Sponsored posts. If you’ve got a large following on social media, brands will pay to get access to them. You can charge per post, or set up a long-term agreement with a company. Try applying for a Famebit Creator account, promote your social media profile to advertisers and make easily $100 or more. 3. Work as a freelance virtual assistant. You can use your skills to build a company’s social media. You can charge $30 an hour easily, and make $100 in less than four hours. You may want to create a gig in Fiver…

[METHOD] Make Money through Facebook Page + CPA Affiliate Campaign

I recently saw some Facebook pages doing some giveaways . They were mainly about luxurious cars Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes etc. Maybe some of you have seen them too they are still out there.
I didn't like the idea but anyways I decided to test it. 
Results : I made ~ $1000 in 3 days. the fake page & FB account I was using got taken down.
I'm no longer using this method since it's not that sustainable but I feel it may help someone get started in IM or provide someone with new ideas on how to make money on fb
1.) Have a Facebook account.  You should preferably not use your real Facebook account if you want to use blackhat on this method.
2.) Create a Giveaway Page. Have a creative story on your page like this one:

Win 1 Of 2 Beautiful [car name] (Ends on [date])

This will be the first time in Facebook History that we at [car name] will be giving away 2 Beautiful [car name] to two winners that we will randomly select on [date]

Want to join this amazing giveaway for a cha…

Business Tips Before Opening a Coffee Shop

The retail value of the PH coffee market is more than P50 billion. But at P100 a cup, cashing in on our collective caffeine addiction isn't always a given. Savvy experts share what they've learned.

Maximize online "Don’t forget the internet!," says Lehman. "There are many tools that can be easily used to capture additional revenue by offering your most unique products online.”

What can a coffee retailer do online? Plenty! Lehman’s site,, sells bags of beans, gift certificates, coffee subscriptions, home-brew necessities from respected brands and even books and travel guides -- because coffee can be a lifestyle as much as it is a drink.

Listen to your customers "Define your identity, but adapt," says Phil Goodlaxson, the owner of Corvus Coffee Roasters. "When we started, we only did pour-over. Morning customers asked for a quicker option, so now we brew by the batch, too.”

Do the math Wondering about sales needs? Estimates to star…

10 New Ideas for Earning Money on the Side

Consistently we make similar new year resolutions, such as losing pounds or to stop smoking. Shouldn't something be said about profiting?

While there proven approaches to make additional money on the side, regardless of the possibility that you have an full-time work, if those haven't worked out for you in years past, then consider these 10 new ideas for gaining some extra cash on the side.

1. Join the sharing economy. "The sharing economy is growing at an exponential rate," says Nigel Wilson, managing director at Hitwise. "Thousands of sharing economy companies have sprouted up around the world, and consumers are actively engaging in collaborative consumption.

According to PwC, 44 percent of all adults in the U.S. are aware of the sharing economy and 19 percent have engaged in a sharing economy transaction. It is imperative for brands to consider how to support and participate in collaborative consumption, rather than compete against it."

The sharing econ…

6 Types of Businesses You Can Start With Almost No Cash

6 Types of Businesses You Can Start With Almost No Cash

If you’re like millions of Americans, you dream of starting your own business. But of course, there are dozens of obstacles that may keep you from actually doing that. You might not have enough motivation, for example, or time to actually see the work through; or you might not even have a solid idea to begin with -- yet.

But where most people get stopped cold is their realization that it takes money to start a business -- money they don’t have.

Still, consider: There are loans, grants, and other fundraising options, like crowdfunding, available to get you what you need; so money is not a good excuse not to start a business. And, beyond that, there are certain types of businesses you can start with almost no cash.
What it takes to start a business

Your first step is to explore what it takes to formally “start” a business, and which of those items cost money.

Planning.  You’ll need to come up with a business plan and f…

Podcast: How to Make Your Start-up Idea a Reality

Podcast: How to make your start-up idea a reality
Financial Times
In 2017 you are going to make that great business idea a reality. But who do you turn to for advice?
In this bonus episode of FT Start-Up Stories, I chair a discussion in front of an audience with a panel of successful entrepreneurs to offer helpful insights. All my guests have built multinational businesses from scratch.
Shakil Khan is co-founder of, a university accommodation marketplace, while Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew are the husband and wife team behind Go Ape, a treetop adventure business.
They are joined by John Lynch, founder of apparel manufacturer Lynka; Diane Young, chief executive of marketing industry magazine and events company The Drum, and Lopo Champalimaud, co-founder of Treatwell, a health treatments booking service.
The audience puts questions to our panel members, who answered on matters relating to start-up ideas, such as whether it is wise to go into business with your spouse.
Source: ht…

Slack Makes Another 11 New Investments in its Slack Fund

Slack makes another 11 new investments in its Slack fund
As Slack’s rapid growth begins to slow a little bit, the company is looking to become a wider productivity platform — and that includes getting as many developers as it can building applications that can figure out new and unique use cases for it.
That’s part of the reason it established the Slack Fund, which makes investments in startups that are building tools on top of Slack. Jump-starting that ecosystem is going to be critical as Slack, as a startup, needs to allocate its resources properly and let other people figure out new ways to use its slick work messaging platform. The company is announcing that it’s making 11 new investments today as part of its continuing effort to invest in the ecosystem.
In July, the company said it invested $2 million in 14 startups through the Slack Fund. With these companies, Slack has made 25 total investments. Slack described the latest startups as ways to improve a variety of work …

5th Edition of the Puerto Rico Investment Summit, Scheduled for March 2017

5 th edition of the Puerto Rico Investment Summit, scheduled for March 2017
Business Wire (press release)
AN JUAN, Puerto Rico--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Puerto Rico Investment Summit, the Caribbean’s premier investor’s conference, will celebrate its 5th edition on March 2nd and 3rd, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan. This Summit is the most important conference to learn about Puerto Rico’s tax incentives program, the Island’s competitive advantages and new investment opportunities that the Island offers, now that it’s undergoing a great fiscal crisis.
Investors like John Paulson and Nicholas Prouty have identified Puerto Rico as a key place to do business, and are in the process of construction of extraordinary real estate projects in the Island. International companies such as Lufthansa, Honeywell, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard have also identified the opportunities to do business in the Island, and have moved operations to Puerto Rico.
“This Summit provides the information …

Small Business of the Month, January 2017

Small Business of the Month, January 2017
Tell us about the origins and impetus of Highland Gardens. Started as a mom-and-pop grocery store and decided it was more fun to sell tomato plants than canned tomatoes! Started selling vegetables and fruit trees and expanded into a full-service garden center. Our impetus was being perfectly timed and situated to grow with the Highland Park and Camp Hill area.
For readers who may be unfamiliar, describe Highland Gardens. We are a full-service garden center. Great plants – many unusual and collector plants, as well as the usual. Over 1,500 perennial types, heirloom tomato varieties, fancy annuals, many, many hydrangeas, dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, awesome trees. We love trees! Garden embellishments, such as granite bird baths, chimes, benches, frilly and silly, too! Fertilizers, seeds, mulch, top soil, rocks and flagstone – lots of organic garden choices! Full-service department selling top-of-the-line Honda and Stihl equip…

Top 9 Biased (And Bearish) Investment Picks For 2017

Top 9 Biased (And Bearish) Investment Picks For 2017
Seeking Alpha
Behavioral investment biases have led to excesses in history and our learning curve is not steep.
The top 9 stocks that are subject to distinct behavioral investment biases, presenting opportunity in 2017.
Tesla is subject to multiple biases, in my biased opinion.
It is the new year and it is the time for resolutions and forecasting lists. I do not know what it is about lists, but for some reason my likelihood of reading something drastically increases if it is presented in list form! Information presented in a list instantly becomes more interesting and credible.
Now admit it, you are subject to it too. You know that "the 10 facts about Trump he does not want you to know" article suckered you into reading it! Only to find out it did not contain commentary on the picture that compelled you to start clicking on it in the first place. That is ok, you are in good company because we all do it from time to time.

9 Key Resolutions for Your Small Business

9 key resolutions for your small business
If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably making up a list of new year’s resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, be nicer to your in-laws. While those resolutions may be long forgotten by February, I’ve got a list of resolutions you’ll want to keep to help you succeed in your small business in 2017.
1. Simplify. You’re almost certainly doing too many things in your small business life. The New Year is a perfect time to pare things down. Do you have many different product or service lines but only a few big sellers? Focus on those that bring in the most money. Do you have meetings about meetings? Cut them out. Still doing your accounts, payroll (or anything else) on paper or an old-fashioned way? Find a faster, better online solution. Finally, hire some help. You can’t do everything yourself.
2. Say no.  Entrepreneurs are people who say "yes" — they take on challenges, join in, help out. But if something w…

Jan. 17 Info Session in Boone for 2017 ScaleUp WNC Small Business Program

Jan. 17 Info Session in Boone for 2017 ScaleUp WNC Small Business Program
High Country Press
The deadline to apply to the competitive program is January 29
It is a well-known fact that small businesses have led new job creation in the U.S. economy for the last decade. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA), businesses with fewer than 20 employees account for 90 percent of all U.S. firms and are responsible for more than 97 percent of all new jobs.
scaleup-wnc-logo-mbw-300x86Less well-known however is that the vast majority of these new jobs are created by the sustained, incremental expansion of existing small businesses, and that start-ups account for only 7% of net new jobs. The ScaleUp WNC program offered by Mountain BizWorks is specifically focused on this economic opportunity: providing targeted growth strategy development and implementation assistance to existing small business owners with strong opportunities for growth.
“Since the ScaleUp program, we have …

Opinion: Forget Buffett — Four Unsung Investment Gurus are Picking These Eight Stocks for 2017

Opinion: Forget Buffett — four unsung investment gurus are picking these eight stocks for 2017
Here’s a worthy New Year’s resolution for you: Stop paying so much attention to financial-market icons.
You know who I mean. I’m talking about the likes of Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, George Soros and Bill Ackman.
Instead, look beyond the media spotlight to a lesser-known group of successful gurus: investment-newsletter writers.
After all, these unsung market heroes regularly perform well. And they are more open about their favorite stocks.

One problem here is that you’ll have trouble identifying the best investment letter writers in the future. That’s because Mark Hulbert sadly pulled the plug on his long-standing letter-writer ranking service last year.
Fortunately, a little secret to Hulbert’s system was that a small group of letter writers consistently dominated the performance lists.
I’ve gotten to know this small group of elite performers because I’ve consulted with Hulbert …

This First-of-its-kind Accelerator is Going to Make It Way Easier for Nordic Startups to Take on China

This first-of-its-kind accelerator is going to make it way easier for Nordic startups to take on China
Business Insider Nordic
Last month Finnish investment firm Pivot5 launched the first business accelerator between the Nordics and China, the Nordics-China Innovation and Startup Acceleration program. It is run in cooperation with Beijing-based business incubator COMB+ and aims to help startups based in the Nordics establish and grow their presence in China.
Pivot5, formerly known as KoppiCatch, is one of the most successful investment companies for early-stage startups in Finland. Their portfolio includes IndoorAtlas, who went on to raise $10 million from Baidu, as well as Minun Sports, a Danish startup that provides football training tools and is endorsed by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Arsenal FC. Both of these startups have also enjoyed success on the Chinese market.  
COMB+ is owned by SkyOcean, a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK). It has two cam…

The Top Niche Business Ideas Set to Flourish in 2017

The top niche business ideas set to flourish in 2017
Real Business
With findings taken from Google Trends, there are a handful of niche business ideas that are set to achieve success in 2017.
New trends pop up all the time, with Pokemon Go a perfect example. But findings from Yell Business have revealed that niche business ideas look set for greatness this year.
Looking ahead at what niche business ideas the UK market can expect to see, hygge – a Danish term for cosines in English – interior design is expected to come into its own.
The digital marketing company found that hygge achieved 163 per cent more Google searches in Q4 2016 than it did in Q3.
Kenneth Freeman, head of innovation at Ambius, said of hygge: “The Danish philosophy of ‘hygge’ – pronounced ‘HUE-gah’ – is a state of mind that embraces comfort.
“Instilling this concept into our workspaces through the use of greenery could be the natural solution to delivering some cosiness to our cold, sterile offices – it could he…

4 Healthcare Investment Trends to Watch in 2017

Four healthcare investment trends to watch in 2017
MedCity News
Every year at this time the market is buzzing with predictions of how health care innovation and venture investment will shape up in the new year. As we enter 2017, the market is substantially different than a year ago when unicorns were being anointed weekly and aspirational valuations defied gravity (and company performance). Pundits were scrambling to be the first to predict the bubble bursting.
Instead, we have been surprised to see that the healthcare venture market is still open for business – with capital flowing into new investments, but with investors becoming more cautious around the edges. We are tap dancing, but with the knowledge that we’re tap dancing on increasingly thin ice – as longer sales cycles, slower consumer adoption, and a wholesale turnover of the status quo in D.C. call into question many of the assumptions that underpinned the digital health boom. In short, investment capital is there, but who ge…

Small Business Security Priorities for 2017

Small Business Security Priorities for 2017
Small Business Computing
A New Year has arrived, along with some big security challenges.
In 2017 the expected proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices across all types of environments will make it tough to ignore the security ramifications. The continued popularity of the cloud will continue to attract the attention of cyberattackers and ransomware authors will keep the IT security industry on its toes.
Here are some of the small business security trends to follow going into a brand-new year.
The Growing IoT Security Threat There's plenty of excitement surrounding the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) technology market.
Soon, offices will be littered with equipment that monitors its own performance and can schedule preventative maintenance, averting unplanned downtime and costly repairs. Smart homes will adapt to the habits and preferences of their inhabitants while enhancing safety and lowering energy bills.
The downside of t…

Lumini Scans Your Skin to Reveal Exactly How You'll Age

Lumini scans your skin to reveal exactly how you'll age (and helps you prevent it)
From tags that can make any toy smart to devices that could replace expensive dermatologists, Samsung has unveiled its latest Creative Lab (C-Lab) projects ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 
Created in December 2012, C-Lab is a startup business programme designed to develop business ideas from Samsung employees.

This year’s projects include Tag+, an electronic device that adds extra functionality to toys; S-Skin, a home skincare and analysis solution; and Lumini, a portable device that checks your skin to identify and prevent skin problems. Lumini Lumini is a portable device that spots skin problems before they happen. After taking a picture of the face with Lumini, it analyses the information using an algorithm and sends the information to an app.
The device will then identify issues under the surface of the skin, such as pimples, freckles, increased pores, wrink…