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Monday, January 16, 2017

4 Ways to Make Extra $100 on Social Media

What if I offered you an extra $100 today, would you take it? I know I would. Extra money definitely comes in handy.

Many individuals concentrate on saving money, yet expanding it is the opposite side of that coin. You can use your skills, your social media on your spare time to make few extra cash today.

Social Media

1. Sell Photos

Do you have many followers on Instagram? try selling some of your photos. Stock photo sites hire photographers, professionals, and amateurs alike.

2. Sponsored posts.

If you’ve got a large following on social media, brands will pay to get access to them. You can charge per post, or set up a long-term agreement with a company. Try applying for a Famebit Creator account, promote your social media profile to advertisers and make easily $100 or more.

3. Work as a freelance virtual assistant.

You can use your skills to build a company’s social media. You can charge $30 an hour easily, and make $100 in less than four hours. You may want to create a gig in Fiverr and offer your social media skills or examine gig buyer's social media accounts and suggest ways for them to grow. Give them detailed feedback, and hard data to really provide value.

4. Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of the most used methods of making money on social media for many years up to the present. There are lots of ways really but you have to use your creativity to enhance your post's visibility. The easiest way is to create a landing page and insert your affiliate link anywhere on the page then post the page link to your social media account.