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Sunday, January 15, 2017

[METHOD] Make Money through Facebook Page + CPA Affiliate Campaign

I recently saw some Facebook pages doing some giveaways . They were mainly about luxurious cars Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes etc. Maybe some of you have seen them too they are still out there.

I didn't like the idea but anyways I decided to test it. 

Results : I made ~ $1000 in 3 days. the fake page & FB account I was using got taken down.

I'm no longer using this method since it's not that sustainable but I feel it may help someone get started in IM or provide someone with new ideas on how to make money on fb

1.) Have a Facebook account. 

You should preferably not use your real Facebook account if you want to use blackhat on this method.

2.) Create a Giveaway Page.

Have a creative story on your page like this one:

Win 1 Of 2 Beautiful [car name] (Ends on [date])

This will be the first time in Facebook History that we at [car name] will be giving away 2 Beautiful [car name] to two winners that we will randomly select on [date]

Want to join this amazing giveaway for a chance to own a brand new [car]! Simply follow the steps below to enter our competition:

Step 1): Like This Page
Step 2): Like This Post
Step 3): Comment which color you would like? (White Or Black)
Step 4): Share On Your Wall
Step 5): Click on the Sign up button on our page

All winners will be messaged via Inbox Message

Good Luck!

Please create your own giveaway story. Here is one twist maybe even try giving out something real and legit, I'm sure you will bank more and your page won't be taken down.

4.) Create a Landing Page. 

It's advisable that you will not link directly your campaign ads in the inbox, you will lose credibility instantly. Message them with a link that will direct them to a landing page. Create a nice landing page with Wordpress. You could also apply for a Free Domain and Free Wordpress Blog at Hostinger. Want your own domain name? Try 1&1 $0.99 Domains. Register for a new account to be eligible for $0.99 Domain.

Make your landing page like this:
- do you like ..... yes/no
- do you own..... yes/no
- have a submit button
People will come to this landing page when they click the sign-up button on your Facebook page.

5.) Apply for Adworkmedia Publisher Account and choose a content locker campaign. Click HERE.

Put a content locker on the submit button such that when a person finally clicks the button, it will ask him to fill a survey before he/she is entered into the competition. Adworkmedia will give you the submit button code once you finish setting up the content locker tool.

6.) Likes, Comments and Shares.

Get some likes on your Facebook page and some initial comments, likes & shares on the specific giveaway post.

7.) View your earnings in the Adworkmedia dashboard, the earnings are instant.

Any questions? Comment below.