Thursday, March 9, 2017

BeingSmart Phones by Salman Khan gives New Business Ideas

Dating Apps to Comedy Shows

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to launch BeingSmart Android mobile phones business soon. The 51-year-old actor has already registered BeingSmart trademark for his smartphone venture. Salman Khan is also the founder of Being Human, a philanthropic foundation which also has its brand of clothing and jewellery line. Salman Khan, one of the profitable actors in Bollywood whose movies sets cash registers ringing is proving to be one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country. After seeing Salman’s interest in the smartphone business, BeingSmart, we are thinking which business Bhaijaan should invest next in? In our minds, there is a list of new business ideas, from – dating apps to producing comedy shows, which Salman Khan can invest to leverage his Being Human parent brand.

According to an Economic Times report, Salman Khan is planning to launch smartphones brand for the middle-class segment. The mobile phones will be reportedly going to be priced under Rs 20,000. He has got in touch with many investors for his smartphone venture, BeingSmart, a trademark already registered by the actor. Salman may take a majority shareholding directly or through his family. The Tubelight actor is currently building an operational management team to be headed by a professional with leadership stints at Samsung and Micromax. The initial models are going to run on Android, and the actor has also selected Chinese plant.

Salman Khan New Project 

In Bollywood, he has already proved his mettle being a successful producer with Salman Khan Films production house and as well as received well as a singer. But it looks like the superstar is not just content within the filmy circuit but wants to venture outside the glitzy world and raise his net worth. Going by all the reports, Salman Khan is definitely gung-ho about his new project. After BeingSmart, the smartphones brand, here’s a look at top five business ventures, Salman Khan should totally give a thought about.

Salman Khan is Bollywood’s beloved badass action hero. Remember his cool cycle scene in 2015 film Kick when he walked in front of the train without breaking into a sweat. He is totally our man to be launching his own set of games, especially car crashes and shooting ones. Kids and their parents would go bonkers and Being Cool will sell like hot cakes. Do let us know if there are more ideas in the store which we can propose to Salman Khan.