Thursday, June 1, 2017

3 Keys To Every Successful Internet Business

We all have to start from somewhere, and there is no shame in that. Few people even dare to begin something new. So take a moment to congratulate yourself on trying something to broaden your horizons.

Now that you’re excited and ready to begin, let’s talk about the basics. To succeed in any online business, either an extension of your offline business, or an entirely web-only biz, you need a few basic ingredients.

The 3 Keys To Every Internet Business:

1) Traffic

Without visitors to your site, you have nothing. There’s an entire world of techniques and methods to get traffic to your site. We will focus largely on search traffic, but may also touch on paid advertising and social media

2) Content

Giving your visitors something of value is key in creating any sort of relationship with them, including turning them into paying customers. This topic will cover creating good content for your blog or site. How to get the most out of it with appropriate tagging, metadata, and other ways to ensure your content is indexed and ranked highly.

3) Conversions

Once you have visitors on your site, the magic (and the money) happens when they take some action ou want them to take. Purchasing your new product, or signing up for a mailing list, or clicking an ad.

We will discuss all of these types of conversions, as well as techniques to make conversions happen as much as possible for your site. Ed Dale does a great job of explaining how these ingredients come together in the 30 Day Challenge. I recommend his blog and the 30DC program, it’s perfect for anyone new to blogging and internet business.

These principles apply regardless of what type of products or services you sell, or what blogging software you use, or what the latest social media fads are.

We’ll talk about those things, but a good foundation of these basic ideas will keep you on track for success with your business.